HELLO to “Good-bye To All That”

January 23rd, 2011 Books

Product Details

  • Pub. Date: July 2010
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
  • Format: Paperback , 298pp
  • Sales Rank: 552,411
  • ISBN-13: 9781416571353
  • ISBN: 1416571353

Synopsis *

When her Hollywood career goes haywire, a young woman must say good-bye to all that . . . or must she?

Raquel Azorian has worked her way from temp to executive assistant and is this close to a promotion to junior marketing exec at Belmore Corporation, the media behemoth she’s devoted herself to. She’s learned to play the Hollywood game—navigate office politics, schmooze the right people, avoid the wrong ones, and maintain a sense of decorum even in the craziest of times. All she needs is for her boss to sign her promotion memo. Instead of putting pen to paper, he suffers a very public meltdown that puts not only his professional future but also Raquel’s on the line.

Getting to the next rung on the Belmore ladder will require every ounce of focus, but that’s not going to be easy. Raquel’s mom has decided to leave her husband and move into Raquel’s apartment, and her older brother seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into depression. Raquel has to keep her job, stop her parents from divorcing, and save her brother. In the chaos of juggling so much, she finally reaches a breaking point: there’s just not enough time for everything or for everyone. She’s going to have to choose—success at work or happiness at home. But then a chance encounter at a bookstore café leads Raquel to start planning her own Hollywood ending . . . on her own terms.

*from Barnes & Noble

My Thoughts

“Good-bye To All That” was my introduction to author Margo Candela and I must say, I am hooked!  I really enjoyed my introduction to her writing.  I really liked the main character, Raquel Azorian, she really is a quite likable character.  Raquel is a very hard working woman, trying to make her way up the corporate ladder in a cut-throat industry.  She plays by all the rules, written and implied.  She does it all.  She’s a shoe-in for the promotion she’s been eyeing.  Who would have thought things would have gone the way they did.  Even when her world started to unravel, she was doing all she could to hold it all together without breaking a sweat. 

Raquel’s work life is pretty much her only life.  Her family life, well…I think her work life is her only salvation from that craziness.  Her family absolutely cracked me up.  As crazy as they were, they seemed all too normal for this day and age.  A constantly complaining mother, a retired father who finds other things to do so he doesn’t have to deal with the constantly complaining mother. A brother trying to do the right thing by the now wife that he ‘knocked up’.  Raquel and her ‘non-life, life’ become somewhat of a distraction for her family and their daily dysfunction, especially so for her mother and June Cleaver wanna-be sister-in-law.  Raquel is too busy hanging on to her career and any hopes of her promotion to deal with her family’s domestic drama.  I really like how they all kept her in the epicenter of it all and she did everything and nothing at the same time to keep them all happy. 

The way things went for Raquel at Belmore I NEVER would have predicted.  Believe me…I tried!  I thought I had the story nailed as soon as Bert began his little breakdown.  Boy was I wrong!  I never, ever would have predicted the outcome that Margo Candela so brilliantly wrote!  Each character was so easy to envision for me.  Who hasn’t worked with a jerk like Randi Fuller?  Oh my word, I wanted to punch him every time he came into a scene.  I really didn’t know who Raquel should trust as things started to get complicated for her at Belmore.  I began to wonder if Kyle was setting her up or if Frappa was maybe stabbing her in the back.  I knew that Randy Fuller was out to get her and get her bad, but I had my suspicions that there might be others.  I was so relieved that what I had thought I had predicted turned out to be so far from what actually happened! 

I can’t wait to see if Margo will continue with Raquel’s story!  I can totally see a bright future for Raquel and would absolutely love it if she encounters some of her Belmore pals along her way up!  I have already conjured up scenes with Raquel and Kyle…we all know his marriage is a sham anyway!  Wouldn’t it be great to see Randy and Raquel cross paths again.  Let’s certainly not forget Bert, Matthias and Rory! 

“Good-bye To All That” was a wonderful read.  A refreshing break from predictable, standard modern women’s fiction.  I highly recommend you grab a copy, get cozy and let “Good-bye To All That” take you out west to get lost in the inner workings of Hollywood and all the good juicy things you don’t find on gossip TV! 

“Good-bye To All That” is a great book for book clubs to enjoy together, it will certainly leave you all with more than enough to talk about.  I have to be upfront and say that due to some language and sexual content, I do not recommend this book for teens or those who are not comfortable reading such content.

One Response to “HELLO to “Good-bye To All That””

  • Gale Martin [ 24Jan11]

    I enjoyed this book a great deal, too. I also liked the unpredictable ending.


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