To Die For…2 Novels…AND Giveaway!

To Die For
by:  Christopher Pike
Ages 14+
5.2(L)  x  0.2(W)  x  8.0(H) inches
Item #:SSO9780545264341
Weight (lbs): 0.2

copy for review provided by Scholastic


 courtesy of Scholastic:

This juicy volume features two classic Christopher Pike thrillers: SLUMBER PARTY and WEEKEND. In SLUMBER PARTY, mysterious events begin to unfold around a group of friends vacationing at a ski resort. As they become snowbound, things heat up…for the killer in their midst. In WEEKEND, another group of friends partying at a remote tropical beach manor are forced to confront an ugly event in their past – or suffer violent consequences in the present.
In each of these dream-vacations-gone-bad, not everyone is who they seem, and someone is bloodthirsty….

This double feature of romance, betrayal, and horror is to die for!

My thoughts…

I am a cover junkie…I will judge and buy a book for its cover, I do that with the titles too.  I know, there’s a cliche’ out there about that, but I believe in love at first sight too.  I really liked the cover and then I read that there were two novels in the book and was a little disappointed.  I was worried I wouldn’t get enough story.  I was worried over nothing.  Even though they were shorter than I like, they were both good. 

The first of novel in the books was Slumber Party and I really enjoyed it.  Of course, my timing was impeccable for setting the perfect scene.  It was all too real to read about the girls’ ski trip and the blizzard while home bound by the big blizzard of 2011 myself!   Thank goodness my only concern was whether or not I had enough chocolate and not whether or not I was going to be the victim of a murder!  It took me a few pages to get into it and to get all the characters and their stories straight, but once I got over that little hump, I really got into the mystery of the story.  I really started to think outside of the box and get on board with Lara’s suspicions of pyro-kinetics and spontaneous human combustion.  I suspected everyone of the girls, and boys, in the evil-doings that were beginning to happen at the “slumber party”.  I started to feel certain unease about each character as they made thier way through the story, even before I knew what the story actually was.  I really enjoy reading stories that grab me and keep me guessing and wondering.  I do not like a predictable book, and Slumber Party  certainly was not predictable. 

The second novel was Weekend.  It was equally intriguing, although a bit similar to the previous novel.  Which isn’t neccesarily bad.  I did really enjoy the addition of the “holy man”.  It certainly added an element of mystery and certainly became an integral part of the story.  It set a very unique setting for me and tied into the story nicely.  It was very imaginative and creatively written.  I was thoroughly surprised by the ending.  I absolutely love being surprised by a story’s ending! 

Overall, both Slumber Party and Weekend were great reads.  They both could have started off with a little more character clarification and information, but other than that both were suspenseful and enjoyable reads.

Thank you to Scholastic for providing the book for review!


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  1. Vivien -

    Great giveaway. I enjoyed Pike’s Last Vampire series.
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    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  2. Lora1967 -

    Hi I read Christopher Pikes Thirst series and I loved it i would love to read this series. Any books won are given to the Middletown High School library and if they are adult they are given to the staff at the school. Thanks for the chance,

  3. Juju at Tales of Whimsy -

    Way cool. I hadn’t heard of this.

    LOVE the cover and I am a total cover hooker too 😉

    OMG that was perfect timing. How serendipitous!

    Great review and great blog!

  4. Cici -

    Thank you! I would start to collect more books with amazing covers if my husband wouldn’t mind :)

  5. Idris -

    Wow! Thank you for the giveaway! aahaha! I do the same thing… I love pretty covers and names!!… : )

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