A Touch Mortal…check it out!

***Disclaimer***the following description is not a Cici’s original, it was taken, yep, copied and pasted, right off of Leah Clifford’s web page***

If you haven’t heard of A Touch Mortal it starts out pretty “supernatural boy meets mortal girl and life is worth living again”. But romance isn’t always smiles and sparkles. Sometimes fifty pages in your true love takes a header off a balcony. Sometimes you get stuck hanging out with death obsessed schizophrenics “for your protection.” And when those are the high points in your day, the afterlife starts to be a real bitch. **This summary taken directly from the giveaway page
Sound cool?

So here is the little video from Leah Clifford and her A TOUCH MORTAL debut….

Now, go you heathens and head over to Leah Clifford’s website and comment your fannies off to try to get yourself a copy AND a bunch of other stuff! Rumor has it she is moving and is unloading her basement on all of us book junkies…which means not only a SIGNED copy of A TOUCH MORTAL, but maybe you will be lucky and get that one stray sock, or the earring that was never found, or the Pez dispenser, or the book ends, the empty roll of packing tape, or the…well, whatever you get it’s going to be good and you know you are going to be super excited!

If you don’t win, don’t be sad :( and please, don’t whine…just go pick up your copy at the bookstore and ENJOY the crap out of it! And when you are done, watch for the post and we can discuss it!

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