Farewell to Borders

As many of you may have heard, many Borders stores will be closing due to the company’s declaration of bankruptcy.  If you haven’t heard about this you can catch up here.  I really enjoy going to my local Borders and just hanging out.  When I have time I like to browse through the many shelves of books and displays.  When I am fortunate enough to have time to myself, I like to grab a book or a magazine and sit in the quiet and read.  While taking a college class I even chose Borders to do my observation at.  It was one of the best classes I had taken and I think that I picked one of the best places to observe human interaction!

I make a weekly trip down to Norman to check out my what’s new at my Borders store and to pick up a book or two.  When the news broke of stores closing, I was super shocked and wanted to make sure that my Borders wasn’t going to get the axe.  Thankfully, being surrounded by OU is keeping my Borders open!  *Yay!  Happy dance!*  Unfortunately, my back-up store, the one that usually gets the authors to come visit, isn’t so lucky.  It is closing and selling EVERYTHING, yes everything, in the store.

With much sadness over the closing of the store there was some joy in the discounted books!  I couldn’t help myself!  I was a little late for the sale but I was hoping to still get some books that I have on my To Be Read list (that will be a future post).  I have been  scoping out a bunch of books by Ellen Hopkins that I was really hoping snag at a great price.  Unfortunately all her books were completely cleaned off of the shelf.  Should be a good sign for her!  Bad news for me :(.

Not all was lost that trip to Borders, as I certainly was able to find a few books to grab.  One of the books that I picked up that I am really, really looking forward to is A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick.  So I snagged a few other books at a great discount as well as some other goodies that I always enjoy…I will share those all with you soon!

Is your Borders store closing?  If you haven’t seen the big going out of business sign and aren’t quite sure, you can check here!  If you get a chance, take some time and run into a Borders and pick up a few good reads.  If yours is closing you can pick up a few bookshelves and wire display racks too!

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