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Thanks to Ginger over at GReads for hosting TGIF.  It seems here lately that I am punching through the week and going holy cow, TGIF!  So my posting has been lame and I am grateful that I am at least getting in on this weekly meme or I would be seriously lame!

This week’s question is…….

Standalone vs. Series: what’s your stance?


Well, I am on the fence on this one.  I guess it all depends on the book.  The first series I really got into was Twilight.  Thankfully I started late in the game because, quite frankly, I am impatient.  I don’t know that I could have waited for New Moon, and then  Eclipse, and eventually Breaking Dawn. I would have really been irritated that there was so much time in between them.  I read all four books in a week.  It was my most insane reading to date.   I also just finally read If I Stay by Gayle Forman and feel I got super lucky to have read it so long after I bought it because  Where She Went was released the week after I finished it.  Had I had to wait too long for Where She Went, I would have been batty wondering what happened with Adam and Mia.  Currently there are two books that I am waiting on reading that are second in a series… Forsaken Harbor by Laura Kreitzer and Original Sin by Lisa Desroachers.  I really enjoyed the characters and their stories and I am anticipating what will happen next and I am not being very patient about it and if I can get my hands on and ARC of both of them, I will be one happy girl!

There are some series that I would love to read, but they are just HUGE, like Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries and The Clique.  They look so great, but I am afraid to start them because then that will all I will be reading. While I am sure they are all great books, I don’t know that I want to start them because I know I will want to finish them the week I start them!

I also am ok with a book as it is, standing all alone.  Some books are just great all by themselves and that is just fine by me.  Although if I really enjoy an author of a stand alone book, I generally try to follow-up with another by the same author.

Sooooo, to sum it up. I like series and stand alone books, I guess it all just depends on the book!

Have a great weekend!!

Cici ♥

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