If you had $100…

For Mother’s Day this year I received a $100 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble…I am so grateful it wasn’t over priced flowers again this year.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for any gift I receive, but in my opinion, flowers are kind of like gifting Big Red.  It’s quick, it’s easy and ever-so-exciting. Flowers are great for an impromptu pick up, but not really for a gift.  That’s just how I am…

Well, thanks to my well-trained 6 year-old daughter, I received a $100 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.  I was so excited!  Although I did quietly remark how lame I have become.  Boy if cool teenage me could see the geeky old me…  Anyway, apparently when purchasing the gift, it was my daughter that urged my husband not to be cheap and go for the $100.  I am really raising that girl right, she’s something.  So, $100 it was, for me, to Barnes and Noble.  Sweet!

Now, it was difficult for me to not jump out of bed, shower and then ditch the family for a quiet trip to B&N.  But, I restrained myself.  After all, it was Mother’s Day and I couldn’t really just ditch the family, no matter how tempting.  So, I wait.  And I start to list some of the many books that I will buy with my free B&N money.

Now, I thought about buying a new Nook cover, but heck, that would eat up a little too much of my money, won’t leave enough for books.  I was just at Barnes and Noble on Friday and I had picked up numerous titles and authors and made a mental catalog of all those that I had wanted.  But now that I have “free money” I just don’t know which ones to get first.

Sooooo….I am going to turn to you all for a little help.  If you had $100 in Barnes and Noble cash, what books would you buy?  Lets get a list going and see what we come up with!




  1. Heather (booksavvybabe) -

    I would be in book heaven right about now! Happy Mother’s Day!!! Let’s see, I would get whole series of books, like Jennifer Estep’s elemental assassins series, Fever series, chicagoland vampires, I am really wanting to read the Midnight breed series, so that would be on the list…..now I’m practically drooling in jealousy, well have a blast picking out books at B&N! Let us know what you pick….


    Oh man I am jealous! I would be trying to stretch that as far as I could. I would like to order paranormalcy, spells, wings, illusions and the fablehaven sereis because I don’t have them and the authors will be in my town the first weekend of june. I could get them signed! As for books I want just because – The Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, pre order nightshade by andrea cremer.
    I am off to day dream about book shopping! :)

  3. Deb the Closet Monster -

    Assuming I didn’t already have them, I’d get World War Z, The Princess Bride and A Brief History of Montmaray.

    I’d probably hunt down more zombie books. I’ve heard great things about Carrie Ryan’s books, so perhaps I’d start there?

    If they had them, I’d probably also get some of my favorite childhood stories, particularly the “Mr” books. :)

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