Sunday Stew

Sunday Stew is a Weekly Meme hosted lovingly by Books Devoured.  Feel free to visit and link up and share!  I have been a bit of a slacker here lately and I promise, promise, promise to do better!!  I am hoping that the lazy days of summer (you can all stop laughing) will allow me more free time (please, just stop) to kick back, relax, read and write (ok, seriously, get yourselves together).  Or maybe I will just make sure that my site and all the memes and things I want to participate in get done!

Book Mark of the Week:

I have used several things for book marks this week here is my list:

  • band-aid tab thingy
  • gum wrapper
  • gas receipt
  • index card with foreign writing from my daughter’s back-pack, I guess she was writing in code or something
  • fork…yes, a fork.   Don’t worry, it was clean, it just happened to be within reach when needed and it worked really well, but wasn’t exactly the most attractive book mark.

I am somewhat ashamed as I tend to make some beautiful book thongs that I have been giving away as gifts.  I guess I should make one for myself :)

Around the Web:

This week I was so excited to take part in Armchair BEA!  It was so much fun.  I was really hoping to attend BEA11 in New York, but due to my obligations at home, it just didn’t happen this year.  I was so thrilled to come across the Armchair BEA link and get in on the fun.  It really was a great time and it didn’t cost me a dime…and I met a bunch of new bloggers, learned some new things and even received some great books!  I highly recommend taking part in it next year if you are unable to attend the actual BEA conference!  Be sure to be on the lookout for something new to come to my site that is an actual idea birthed via Armchair BEA!!  I am so excited!

Around Me:

Oh my heck!!!!  This week was INSANE!!  It was the last week of school for my kids.  I now have a 9th grader, 7th grader and a 2nd grader.  Time flies so fast!  Anyway, my 8th grader had finals, so he was wrapping up projects, papers and studying.  My 6th grader was supposed to have a super nice awards/promotion ceremony on Tuesday night.  Well, we live in Oklahoma and on Monday they warned us to prepare for a day of tornado outbreaks on Tuesday (I love OK weathermen, they are so on it)!  SOOOOO…Tuesday morning I prepare.  I spent the day making sure my van fit in my garage (still filled with boxes from the move), checked lanterns, batteries, radios, helmets, shelter plans etc.  The schools all over OKC canceled all activities including my son’s ceremony.  Kids got home from school and we prepared for what could be a very catastrophic night (we survived the F-5 of 5/3/99 we know how bad it can get).  Thanks goodness we had a plan as the picture below came too close to devastation.

Needless-to-say, we were very fortunate that little fella didn’t touch down.  We heard it go overhead and that was enough to scare the pants off of us!  Others in our metro area were not so fortunate and it has been a sad week for Okies.  BUT, on the bright side, my kids were able to finish up school, ceremony was hosted last minute the following day by our gracious high school and the rugrats have been in the pool since Friday!  AND my 6th grader left school for a huge night of fun in one of these….

Life is good!  I hope you all have an incredible week!  As we enter June (my birthday month) be sure to visit often as I hope to have a few celebration giveaways!!




  1. Madigan -

    Wow, that twister looks serious!

    The worst bookmark I’ve seen all week was a condom. (I’m a librarian, I see a lot of wacky stuff used for bookmarks in returned books)
    Thank goodness it was still wrapped and clean, I guess!

    My own personal bookmarks of shame this week include: a plastic straw wrapper, an old receipt, and another much thinner book. There’s no excuse for it, as I have a lovely die-cut wooden bookmark which I love… but when I’m in a hurry, you just never know what will be pressed into service.

  2. Cici -

    Thanks! It is always kind of neat to look back at the storms and see their beauty and rage. We were very fortunate. Glad you liked the bookmarks :) it was certainly one of those weeks!

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