Spring Into Summer Report #1

Holy cow!  I was really looking forward to throwing my kids in the pool and doing nothing but reading and occasionally throwing some more sunscreen on them.  Oh how plans change!!  Apparently, it just wasn’t going to happen for me on Friday!

First of all, give us an end-of-day status update. Books read, pages read, you know the drill!

  • Total Books Read: 1, if Pink Princess Rules the School Counts
  • Total Pages Read: 93
  • Books Read Since Last Update: 1
  • Pages Read since last update: 93
  • Total time read: 1 1/2 hour
  • What I’m currently reading: Hereafter, by:  Tara Hudson, Twilight
  • How I’m currently feeling: Terrible, I really anticipated reading more and it just isn’t falling into place today.  Too many last minute demands.  Don’t people know I’d rather be reading?

What is the favorite thing you have read today?

While Pink Princess was captivating, as well as Hereafter, I am going to have to say going through Twilight again was my             favorite.    I don’t know what it is about that book, it gets me every single time!

Which mini-challenge was your favorite?
Sadly, I did not even get the chance to participate in the challenges.

What has been your favorite thing about the read-a-thon?
The WHOLE idea of the read-a-thon is totally awesome!  I guess the best part, even though I am not getting to read as much as I’d like, my daughter is flying through her princess books and picking out more.  Ahhh, the joys of being a child :)

What has been your LEAST favorite thing about the read-a-thon?
My time!  I really didn’t expect to have the laundry list of things come up that has.  My day began at 6 am and gymnastics would have ended just as the read-a-thon started and my kids were supposed to be in the pool.  BUT, add one teenager, a tweenager, a baby shower, a last minute appointment and a trip to Sam’s and Wal-Mart and the day is shot!!

Are you on track to meet your goals?
HECK to the no. If I want to meet my goal I need to read all of Hereafter tomorrow as well as The Revenant (Which I am picking up today when I go to meet Sonia Gensler). I am sure I can get through one, but not the other.

Will you be participating tomorrow? Do you have any new goals?
Yes, and I just really want to finish Hereafter.  BUT…I AM going down to meet Sonia Gensler, so that has to count for something!!  I am hoping to see Tara Hudson as well!!  It is pretty awesome having two Oklahoma YA authors debuting the same month!!!  I will definitely update you on the experience!

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