Sunday Stew {4}

Sunday Stew is a Weekly Meme hosted lovingly by Books Devoured.  Feel free to visit and link up and share!  I am super excited to actually be linking up for the THIRD consecutive week.  I am feeling it!!  :)  Hopefully this is a good sign that I might be actually getting my stuff together!

Bookmark of the Week:

This week has got to be my easiest week yet!  No forks for me this week!!  I have been reading on my Nook this week, so the bookmark of choice is my handy dandy little electronic blue thingy.

Around the Web:

This week I have kept Squeaky Books page open all week with the intent of signing up for the Spring Into Summer Read-a-thon.  It looks like a really great time!  It takes place next weekend, June 17-18 and will have Mini-challenges, hourly giveaways and a great opportunity to interact and make new friends.  Not to mention a really good excuse to get the kids reading and do nothing but read!!  If you get an opportunity check it out and sign up.  I hope to have my post done here soon!!

Around Me:

This week has been another busy week.  It has been good, but busy!    This week has brought about my oldest son’s 14th birthday. It is hard for me to believe that I have a 14 year-old child.  He’s been taller than me for a while and now he is really beginning to look like a man.  It is kind of scary for me to think about all the milestones that are approaching just a little too quickly.  I certainly wish time would slow down just a little. I would post a pic of him posing with his new 32 GB ipod touch (that is way cooler than what I got for my birthday), but I promised him I wouldn’t post any pics on my site or on Facebook.  Now my daughter, she’d be a different story!!

I also had a great opportunity to meet Tara Hudson, author of Hereafter, at her book signing in Oklahoma City.  Downfall to reading things on the Nook, hard for authors to sign :)  BUT, my hard copy of her book should be to me soon!  Let me just say, meeting such a sweet person made the book just that much more appealing.  I think that it is truly wonderful to be an incredible author AND a sweet and kind person.  Look for my review soon.

Didn’t her mother take such a great picture?  :)  She seemed to have an incredible support network, it was truly awesome to see that!!

Wishing you all the very best this week!!


Cici ♥


  1. Hira Hasnain (Enamored Soul) -


    Thanks for your awesome Sunday Stew post. Wow, you got to meet Tara Hudson. That is an absolutely awesome picture! :) Also, I REALLY want to participate in the “Spring Into Summer” Read-a-Thon as well, but I haven’t even signed up for it yet! :( I really ought to set a reminder for myself! 😀


  2. Cici -

    Thanks! She was so sweet! It is good to have two debut authors from Oklahoma this month! I still have that tab open for the “Spring Into Summer” so I can do my post! Have a great week!!

  3. Shannon@BooksDevoured -

    I have been meaning to read Hereafter, it looks great! I love going to author signings! I signed up for that readathon you mentioned. You should do it too! I have participated in a few now and I always have a good time! Thanks for participating!

  4. Cici -

    She was super sweet! I am going to go to Sonia Gensler’s signing of The Revenant this coming Saturday as well. Kind of fun to have two Oklahoma authors debut their first books the same month! I plan on signing up it should be fun!! Thanks again for hosting!

  5. Redd -

    I love how your blog has a nom look! Ingenious and cute! I do a lot of reading via Berrr my kindle as well. I’ve been considering nabbing a nook as well. *grins*

    Oklahoma authors, huh? You wouldn’t happen to be from OK now, would you? I’m in Tulsa. =)

    Thanks for your lovely comments about the Wyld Hollow earlier! And I’m glad you posted the link for the Slide into Summer read athon. I’ve seen that around but couldn’t remember where I saw that.. lol!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. ArtsyBookishGal -

    Yes!!! You went with the BEST birthday present. I bought a metallic pink cover for my iPod, which your son probably won’t do. :) I hope he LOVES it! :) Now he can play Angry Birds all the time.

    That is a great picture of you and Tara Hudson. I didn’t know you were on Twitter, so I’m gonna follow you now!

  7. Cici -

    @Redd…I am in OKC! I need to keep track of who is where so we can plan an OK bookie blogger get together! I like your site! Glad to meet ya!

    @Artsy…he loved it!! I am glad you are following! I like to tweet :) She (Tara) was so super sweet!

    Tara and Sonia Gensler will be in Tulsa soon!!

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