Sunday Stew {5}

Sunday Stew is a Weekly Meme hosted lovingly by Books Devoured.  Feel free to visit and link up and share!  I am super excited to actually be linking up for the FOURTH consecutive week.  I am on it!!  :) Hopefully this is a good sign that I might be actually getting my stuff together!


Well, I am once again using mainly my Nook for reading, so I am using my handy blue tag…I wonder if I can change the color of it, i would really prefer a red one.  Although, I must let you know, Sonia Gensler was handing out some super cute bookmarks and I plan to use it soon!


Ginger over at GReads is getting ready to host a TWILIGHT re-read along!  I am really looking forward to reading the book (series) that reminded me how much I love to escape into a book.  I know that there are a billion girls out there that will scream like groupies telling you how much they love Twilight, but I do.  I love it.  I love the love story and the characters.  I love the love that Edward has, and the lengths he goes to just to be with his forbidden love.  It is awesome.  Ok, anyway, if you would like to take part, it isn’t too late!  Just pop on over to Ginger’s blog GReads and sign up!  I would love to ‘see’ you there!

Also, I will be taking part in the Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Blog Hop hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.  It runs June 21-24.  Be sure to stop back by and enter for your chance to win a great summer read!!


Once again, another busy week.  I swear this summer is busier than the school year.  My kids didn’t drive me too crazy this week and I didn’t need to break out the duct tape…so, good week :)  Of course it was the usual stuff, football camps, gymnastics, swimming, guitar and so forth.  But man, does it HAVE to be so stinking HOT?  Looks like Oklahoma is going to break another record today!  When I got in my car on Saturday afternoon (4p.m.) and it reads this….

Yes, that reads 107, you know it is a hot one!!  But getting out in that heat was worth it.  After getting all my food delivered to a double header baby shower, I ditched it and headed down to Barnes and Noble for a signing of The Revenant by Sonia Gensler.  Let me tell you, she is so sweet.  There were a lot of her former colleagues there in line supporting her and they all had so many wonderful things to say about her.  I think it is just awesome that in the month of June our local area here in Oklahoma has launched two debut YA authors.  It has also led me to meet a few Oklahoma bloggers via Twitter, and I really hope that we can plan a little get together sometime soon!  Ok…so here is a gracious Sonia Gensler and myself at her signing.

Let me just say this…I know that I am short, but when I saw this pic, I was like “DANG, I am really short” :)  She was so super sweet and it was great to meet her.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to start your week.  I must say, this whole Sunday Stew deal is the most fun pot of stuff I cook up all week!  AND, I have yet to burn it or put too much salt in it!!


Cici ♥

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  1. Shannon@BooksDevoured -

    Thanks for participating again!

    I saw that Twilight reread going on at GReads (who is awesome BTW). I am thinking of participating too. You know what though, I actually don’t have the books, lol. I borrowed it from my MOM! She read them before me and loved them. I guess I am going to have break down and buy them because I don’t have any of them!

    107 ?!?!?! Wow, thats hot!

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