Monday Bites Ch. 16-20

I am so excited to be participating in the Twilight Re-Read Along!  This event  is being hosted by Ginger over at GReads along with Yani, Jacinda, Jasmine, & Lisa.  I hope you all will grab your copy of Twilight so you too can revisit Forks and the world of Bella & Edward that Stephenie Meyer has created.  I have been on the fence about reading the series again and this read-along is the perfect excuse to pick up and do it!

This week we are covering questions from Chapters 16-20 hosted over at The Reading Housewives.  Be sure to pop over and link up if you are reading or feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!  Thanks to all the blogs who have been hosting during the re-read!  I can’t wait to see what ya’ll come up with for New Moon (hint, hint)!!

So here we go with this week’s questions for Chapters 16-20…

If you where in Carlisle position, do you think you would have been able to fight off your vampiric urges? Would you ever bring someone into that life, as he did with Edward and Esme?

Knowing how I am, I believe that it would be very hard to fight off that new instinct.  I have terrible will power, especially when it comes to something I crave.  That being said, I would hope that I would still find value in human life and have the will to find an alternative way.  Also knowing myself, I do believe that I would want to have some company of my choosing.  I believe that I would probably do as Carlisle did and only take someone because they are dying.  I am sure I wouldn’t want to be alone.

We are introduced to Edward’s playful side in these chapters, before he gets all manic about the new vampires, I think we have a better picture of who he is. If you had to describe him in 5 words, what would they be? Good and Bad qualities, whatever you like!

Quirky, romantic, old-fashioned, coy and chivalrous.

I guess putting only HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT and romantic would have been too cheesy…
While re-reading I have been taking notes: observations that I have come across re-reading and comparisons to the movie. One of my notes deals with page 383, in which Edward screams at Alice there is no other option. The first time around I didn’t get that he meant the future that Alice saw for Bella as a vampire (because we obviously hadn’t gotten to that part), but now that I know the whole story I see that is what he meant… Has this happened to you? Do you have any examples of things that are clearer now or things that you have realized while re-reading?

While re-reading I know there was something that I thought was clearer and of course now that you have asked this question I am thumbing through trying to figure out what it was!  I will say that they whole chase put on by James and Victoria is a little more clear as is his relationship with Alice.  I found it a shame that the movie left out that relationship, as I find it a bit of important information.  I am still not clear as to why Alice didn’t see Bella decide to go to James.

We haven’t talked about this yet, but I think the idea of your human gifts amplifying in your vampire life is interesting (Jasper’s control of emotions, Edward’s mind reading), what do you think your gifts would be?

I would like to think that my gift would be much like Edward’s mind reading.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  I find that I am often very good at reading people, whether I am familiar with them or not.  I find it kind of fun to make a “prediction” about someone and compare to my initial thoughts to things I find out about them later.  I drive my husband mad sometimes because I will make the “prediction”, share it with him, he usually writes me off often calling me judgmental and then I usually get to say “I told you so”.  It’s fun, I enjoy it.  I think Edward’s actual gift of reading a person’s mind would come in super handy!

We are coming to the end of the book, what has been your opinion on this re-read? First, when was the last time you read it? Second, do you feel you like it more, the same, or less this time around?

The last time I read Twilight was right before Eclipse came out in theaters.  I think that I fall in love with the series more each time I read it.  Although, this time I started to compare movie/book characters a little more and have begun to change my mind a little bit about some of them.  I really like Rob as Edward and find that he is a pretty good fit, as well as most of the Cullen’s and Charlie.  I am beginning to think that Kristen Stewart should have played a little bit softer character.  I think she was good as Bella, but needed a little more feminine qualities.  She needed to have less edge and be a little softer, more fragile.  I also find that as much as I enjoy watching the movie, it isn’t as great as I once thought.    I also can’t help but think of how much I really wish Stephenie Meyer would finish Midnight Sun.  I really love reading Edward’s perspective more than anything.

I have really enjoyed participating in the re-read along with so many other bloggers!  As we are coming to an end of Twilight we will be hosted next week by Ginger over at GReads.  Be sure to stop in and check out all of the great bloggers who have posted their answers!




  1. Amy @ bookgoonie -

    I like coy. I haver really enjoyed reading what everyone else thinks. I also enjoyed what kind of questions the other bloggers came up with. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tennie Karmann -

    This book is a must read. If you read the first 3 books before this, and liked any of them even just a little bit, then you will love every ounce of this book. I couldn’t read it fast enough. And for those of you who aren’t speed readers, don’t let the number of pages scare you off, I have 3 kids, and rarely get the chance to read, but I finished this book in about 4 days. It was amazing how wrapped up in a book I could get.

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