Sunday Stew {6}

Happy Sunday! Welcome for the Sunday Stew, a weekly meme graciously hosted by Shannon over at Books Devoured. It’s a great way to take a look at what other blogs have going on around them and I find it usually introduces me to some great people and happenings around the web! Feel free to pop on over to Shannon’s and join in the Stew!


This week I have used several different items for bookmarks!  I am terrible at picking up whatever and shoving it in my book.  This week I have used a post office delivery confirmation receipt, a pink string I cut from my daughter’s shirt and a comb…completely tacky, I know.


What’s been happening around the web?  A lot!  I have just been so crazy with our summer schedule that I seem to be missing it all!  There is a current giveaway hop going on celebrating freedom!  It runs until the 7th, so you may want to get in on that hop!

Also, I am participating in Monday Bites, a Twilight book re-read-along!  This event is being hosted byGinger over at GReads along with Yani, Jacinda, Jasmine, & Lisa

You can still hop on over and join in the reading and discussions!  I absolutely loved Twilight and am glad to have a reason to read it again!


So much seems to be happening for summer.  I am painting a few rooms in our house in an attempt to make everyone happy and update our older home a little bit.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I don’t like to waste time taping, so I edge free-handed and it is a pain.  I painted my 6 yr old daughter’s room first as it was light blue from ages ago when we only had two boys :) .  She wanted her room to be fancy and I didn’t want pink, so I let her work with the decorator and come up with a sophisticated girly look and she chose Dark French Chocolate for her walls, with her shabby chic bedding.  It will all come together in the end, but boy was it a chore painting with no streaks!!  I did get it done though and she was ecstatic!  She is ready for the decorator to come and hang up all her ‘stuff’.  I am holding off on having her come back until I finish my boys’ room and the media room and play room.  :)  Going to make it worth her trip (and my dollar)!  I will post a little before and after page soon!

Hope you have a good week!  This one is going to prove to be a crazy one for sure!  Also, be sure to take a moment and show gratitude for your freedoms and liberties.  Always remember as we go throughout our crazy lives those that gave for our country, for all gave some, and some gave all!



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