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Playing Hurt by Brian Goins

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About Playing Hurt:

A marriage book that husbands will actually want to read!

Everyone admires people who play hurt, from the superstar athlete to the journeyman player who finishes the game even when hurt, sick, or falling apart. Everyone looks up to these athletes and wants to mimic their “never give up” attitude. Except when it comes to marriage. Most husbands are willing to take a bullet for their wives in a life-and-death situation; but when his bride fires the bullet–hurls an insult, disrespects him in public, ignores his foreplay in private–he’d rather throw in the towel than play through the pain.

Playing Hurt is a biblical playbook for marriage that speaks in the language most men understand—the language of sports. Using a sports analogy to explain the motivation, means, and methods of playing hurt, author Brian Goins shows men how to overcome the temptation to stay on the bench. Playing Hurt is more about inspiration than instruction. It’s about finding the motivation to stay in the game, despite the pain. It’s about becoming like the One who knew more about nails and thorns than any superstar athlete. Using Ephesians 5 as a biblical basis, this book will call husbands to be the heroes they long to be–men who play hurt in order to win at marriage.

My Thoughts (as well as my husband’s):

When I got the copy of Playing Hurt in the mail, I turned to my husband, handed him the book and said, “oh, yeah, this book is for you.  I need you to read it and then let me know what you think”.  He was thrilled (not really).  He complied and read the book as I hoped he would.  His opinion was very simple.  He pretty much got it.  He felt that the relation to sports made some things a little easier to understand.   I know that my husband took a lot of Playing Hurt to heart as I have seen him make more of an effort to play through the pain.

While I had my husband read Playing Hurt first, I found it very helpful for me, a wife, as well.  It was a very easy read and even though it is geared towards men/husbands, I learned quite a bit.  Goins does a wonderful job of making it simple.  I can honestly say that I have a new perspective on how to play hurt in a marriage.  I like the numerous scripture references throughout the book and I had found that the scriptures helped solidify Goins’ statements.  It made them more real and the scriptures helped to soften my heart more than just “advice” would have.  To take from page 127, “The right answers come from the head, but the real answers come from the heart”.

There are many quotable parts, if I recited all of the quotes I enjoyed, I might as well rewrite the book on my site.  I am pretty sure that would not go over too well :)  One of the pages I really liked was the last page.  Neither my husband and I had very good marriage role models in our lives.  Both from broken, dysfunctional homes, we set out into the world.  My initial plan in life was to never marry and to never have children.  I never wanted to mess up another human as much as I felt my parents did my sisters and I.  I was going to look out for me.  I met my husband and, well, here we are.  Early in our marriage I remember my husband asking me what I wanted out of life and I responded, “a happy family”.  His response was a complete fumble, “…something tangible…”, I was defeated.  Much like Joel Goins, I was determined to reverse the curse and spare my future children and myself from the same wounds my parents inflicted on our family.  My husband was too hurt and too young to know that he needed that determination as well.

If you are currently married, were previously married, or think that one day you might get married, I highly recommend that you make the small investment in a copy Playing Hurt, the returns on your investment will be priceless.

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About the Brian Goins:

Brian Goins is the author or editor of numerous study guides, workbooks, and Bible studies that he has developed for Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll) and Walk Through the Bible. When he’s not traveling across the country as a Family Life Weekend to Remember speaker, he and his family reside in North Carolina.

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  1. Brian Goins Says:


    Thanks so much for forcing your husband to read the book! I’m glad he complied and hope it was helpful. Appreciate your thoughts and you can quote as much as you want!

    I would love to hear your husband or readers stories of their favorite athlete/person who played through pain -if they submit on my website, they might win a free book!

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Cici Says:

    I didn’t have to get too forceful :) Thanks for including me on the tour!

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