Have you met Brenda?

The Brenda Diaries by Margo Candela

A sincere thank you to Margo for sending me the ARC of The Brenda Diaries

S ummary: (from Goodreads)

Meet Brenda. A temp with a bad attitude, but an excellent work ethic.

Working assignments all around Los Angeles, Brenda was the official purse holder for a high powered event planner, has had an employer ask about her ovulation cycle, worked as a kiosk gypsy at an upscale mall and suffered as the reluctant muse for a frustrated architect who’d rather write screenplays on company time.

Off the clock, Brenda’s boyfriend and best friend compete for her attention while she spends a little too much time with guy she met on a job. Brenda’s positive she can handle it all, but sometimes work and life get to be a bit too much even for someone as organized as Brenda.

The Brenda Diaries. All the dirty details of Brenda’s not so tidy life.

My Thoughts:

For quite some time I have been getting little snippets on Facebook and Twitter from Brenda’s diary entries.  Let me tell you, she is quite a hoot!  Brenda says and does things that I sometimes wish I could.  I have to wonder, how does Margo come up with some of the stuff she writes?

I knew that I would enjoy The Brenda Diaries from the first entry that I read.  Margo has created a character so real that you swear you just went to lunch with her.  I really loved all of the tangible qualities of Brenda.  Not to mention her take no bull attitude and tell it like it is snark.  As you read The Brenda Diaries, you will feel like you are breaking all of the rules of social etiquette by breaking into her diary.  Now, one would think you would feel a little bad, but don’t worry, you won’t.  It is amazing how it grabs you and makes you want to read on, but you’re afraid of getting caught!  Reading Brenda’s diary was almost as good as when I found my oldest sister Cory’s diary.  I say almost as good only because I was able to use Cory’s diary as leverage to get away with some things back in the day.

Nonetheless, Brenda has quite the tale to tell.  A tale to tell indeed.  Plus, Brenda’s gets a lot juicier than reading  about new gaucho pants and John what’s-his-name’s feathered do.  I must admit, looking back, my sister’s diary really was lame…although finding out how the dent got in the car and a little info about some of her friends was pretty darn good info for a 11 year-old to hang over her sister’s 18 year-old head!

I have no doubt that while you snoop in on Brenda you will have plenty of “oh no she didn’t”, laugh out loud, seriously Brenda moments!

I really enjoy reading Margo’s work and am so glad that she sent me a copy to read and review!  I look forward to having Margo back soon to answer some questions…maybe I will get lucky and Brenda will surprise us with a little visit too!

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