Welcome Robert Gray!

Today we welcome Robert Gray, author of EVE HALLOWS and the BOOK of SHRIEKS!  We asked Robert to share with us about any special relationships that he forms with his characters.  He shared a little about his character relationship with Eve Hallows:

I guess you can say I have a special relationship with Eve Hallows, the main character in the series. I based her off of my daughter. Funny thing is, though, Eve and my daughter aren’t that much alike, at least not on the surface. My daughter isn’t being raised by monsters—okay, she might have a different opinion about that—and she has a pretty good idea what it’s like to live around other humans. And there’s the little fact that everything that happens in the series has never happened to my daughter.

But I suppose that’s the point of writing fiction—to take something you know and turn it into something new. And that’s what Eve is. I took someone I know and made her someone else, not necessarily better or worse, but new.

Part of the fun of writing Eve is sprinkling in those similarities only I can see. Sometimes I might reverse something my daughter says, or I might embellish her mood one day, or I might take something she told me and have Eve use it in the story in some way. As a writer, it’s great to have your source material available at any time. Even better when it’s someone you love, because your heart goes into the character, and that character becomes part of you.

So, yeah, Eve is special to me. And I hope you like her, too.

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