FICTION…Like it or not? Armchair BEA 13

Today’s topic is regarding the many faces of fiction.  I really enjoy reading most faces of fiction.  Not really a sci-fi girl, but I’ll try anything once.  Up until recently, I had never read a book about fairies.  Then I hopped on a tour for Kiki Hamilton and THE FAERIE RING, and I LOVED the story and the whole idea of fairies.  Amazing how that happens.  I didn’t like okra and hush puppies either.  Then my husband (from the south) took me to dinner (in the south) and I (from Wisconsin) fell in love (with the okra and hush puppies).

I really love most fiction writing.  Not all of it is good writing, but most ideas are good.  There are books that I love from my youth, like Judy Blume’s ARE YOU THERE GOD?  IT’S ME MARGARET and FOREVER.  High school literature class left me with many favorites as well.  THE GREAT GATSBY, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, THE SCARLET LETTER.

One of my favorite series to read with my kids is THE SHADOW CHILDREN by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  A very interesting and captivating series that my son, then in 5th grade, introduced me to.  While it seems like the events could never happen, they are very real.  Years after reading it together, we still reference different talking points from various books in the series.  It was a very quick read, but I highly recommend reading it.

First of The Shadow Children Series

I think that you can find something you like when you browse the fiction section.  When you pick up a good fiction book, you are able to escape from the everyday realities and slip into another world.




  1. Kirthi -

    Hi Cici!
    I remember reading those books and absolutely loving them. Genre fiction is perfect for children and pre-teens to get involved with reading and I’m so grateful for them! Escapism is blissful :)

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great Armchair BEA!

  2. Emma @ Words And Peace -

    thanks for sharing about fairies and hush puppies!! I love those, better in the south though than in Wisconsin, I think lol.
    my favorite genre right now is HF

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