Banned Books Giveaway Hop 2013


My favorite kind of books…BANNED BOOKS!!

It’s Banned Books Week and we are hopping along with giveaways!  I can’t pick just one of my favorite books that has been banned, but there is one that I just love and one that sparked my love of books.  TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee is a wonderful book and it can be yours if you are lucky.  Just use the Rafflecopter form below and be sure to visit all the wonderful blogs on the hop!  Sorry international folks, this contest is for only U.S. residents 13 and older.

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  1. CP Vo -

    One of my favorite books is Ender’s Game, and I can’t see why it would get banned! Same for Bridge to Terabithia (one of my favorite books as a child).

  2. Bronwyn H. -

    Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye…and yes, I can actually sort of understand it a little bit maybe kind of. Begrudgingly. There is, after all, a pretty graphic incestuous rape scene… But the rest of the book is just so darned beautiful!! :-(

  3. Jessica D -

    My favorite on the list has to be the Harry Potter series and I can totally see why it made the list

  4. Jay -

    Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Mark Twain books are some that I love. I don’t think any book should be banned. Adults should be able to make their own choices and parents and kids together should make a choice. No one else should decide for them.

  5. Christina B -

    Ive never understood why the majority of books are banned. The reasons arent ever good enough to actually ban a book but the Harry Potter series is one that should never have been banned…

  6. charlee -

    thirteen reasons why. and no, I honestly dont understand why they banned it.Its an amazingly sad story, and it teaches people that teens who commit suicide have a reasoning behind it. It also makes them think about how they treat others.

  7. Susan Schleicher -

    To Kill a Mockingbird – and I can see why some people would want it banned. But that stuff happened and we should not forget. If a person doesn’t like the subject matter, they should just not read it.

  8. Janet Benthin -

    I love Twilight..and no i can’t see why it was banned…its a good read in my opinion!

  9. MonaG -

    My favorite book on the list is The Outsiders. It was banned for depicting gang violence, underage smoking/drinking, strong language, and family dysfunction.

    Thanks :)

  10. MonaG -

    I don’t see why my favorite book would be banned. All these reasons are everyday occurrences these days and not exposing them will not make the problems go away.

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