The Teacher’s Vet

To celebrate the release of The Teacher’s Vet, Cerridwyn is hosting a Blog Tour and at the end of the blog tour, Wendy will be giving away a beautiful necklace that was created by Murphy’s Miscreations. The winner will be announced on Wendy’s blog around September 18, 2013.

But before we get to the giveaway form, a little bit about the book…

Normally, nothing about the first week of school is life or death, but Mr. Wibbley doesn’t look right, even for a turtle. Having one of the students’ parents be a veterinarian seems like kismet to substitute teacher Nora Pike—having him be single and the small town’s most eligible bachelor much less so. Navigating the drama of the substitute teaching pool is hard enough without all the single staff despising her.

Maybe once Mollie is in college, Caleb Bates, DVM can ease up and date again. Until then, he has his practice and his kindergartener, and that’s all he needs. That and to burn all the perfumed invitations to the PTA. Until Nora Pike enters his life—tall, intelligent, gorgeous, and pissed-off when he immediately dismisses her as using a sick class pet to get his attention. She’s disinterested. He’s intrigued. She’s not about to fall for the local vet—even if he is funny and sexy, and not even when he needs help overnight with a dog about to have puppies.

It’s just to help him. That’s all.

If the small-minded single women of Tall Pines find out their Most Wanted is taken, Nora may never substitute teach in the town again. Since the Garden and Eve, never has temptation looked as sweet as a guy with access to puppies and with a daughter who wants a mom just like Nora.
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A little about the author… (as from her about me page)

Wendy’s childhood as a military brat instilled in her a wanderlust to travel, but with the possibility of bugs, lost luggage, germs, a lack of parking, she just prefers the cleaner and safer visits to exciting places in her stories. It has very little to do with her obsessive compulsive disorder—maybe.  She is a passionate advocate both online and in her community for the welfare of autistic children.  In addition to writing, she enjoys painting and sketching, spending time with her two quirky kids, and running with her dog. Her wonderful husband makes sure she has the geeky, tech aspects of her stories just right.  She can often be found on Twitter where she will strike up a conversation with anyone she happens across.


Please visit Wendy’s website to find more of Wendy’s work.



My Thoughts:

Sweet, likable, endearing characters.  THE TEACHER’S VET is a quick reading novella, but is as engaging as many lengthy novels.  It is a sweet romance that is clean and for most audiences, while still conveying the deep feelings the characters have for each other.  I found myself smiling through the good and even getting weepy in the bad.  I really enjoyed Nora’s character.  She was independent, quick thinking, determined and compassionate.  Then there is Caleb.  I am sure my doggy would end up at the vet a little more often if he were as dreamy as Dr. Bates.  Although, I am sure it wouldn’t take long before my husband began to question my intentions and found us a new vet.  :s

I recommend you pick up a copy of THE TEACHER’S VET and enjoy a quick afternoon read that will leave you believing in love at first sight.  I look forward to reading more of Wendy’s work!

Now, to enter for this beautiful necklace shown, fill out the form and the winner will be chosen around September 18, 2013.

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