EMPATH (Flawed #1) by Becca Campbell

Empath: A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation. (urbandictionary.com)
About the book:

Supernatural empathy isn’t a gift, it’s a curse. Anywhere she goes, Jade’s emotions are replaced by those of the people around her.

Jade grew up in a suburb of Colorado Springs, protected from other people by her parents. Now she faces college—and the world—with nothing to shield her from unwanted feelings.

When Cam, a classmate with a major crush on her, unintentionally hijacks her emotions, Jade struggles to keep from being carried away in feelings of attraction. When Ethan, a psychopath with a thirst for fear, fixates on her, the emotional impact could be lethal.

Caught in a deadly trap, Jade must untangle the emotions and find a way to use her empathic curse to overcome this killer or be overcome by him. (from beccajcampbell.com)

My thoughts:

I enjoyed EMPATH.  It was a cleanly written, well put together story.  Very creative and great characters.  Becca Campbell certainly has a knack for conveying feelings in her work.  There were several times throughout the book that I could feel exactly what she was describing.  Becca Campbell was able to do this without getting too wordy and without telling the reader what they should feel.  I certainly appreciated her ability to do that.  The character description were the same way.  It was easy to get a good visualization of the characters without having to read long, drawn out, overly worded descriptions.  That is a quality that is often hard to find in a writer.

I enjoyed the story quite a bit.  I was impressed with how clean the story was without lacking.  I am always impressed when an author can convey a good story without having to push the limits.   It is a story that was told in a way that allowed your imagination to take it to a the reader’s comfort level.  I really appreciated her incorporation of faith into the story.  The only thing that I didn’t particularly care for was the number of gifts/gifted.  I was hoping to see some sort of revelation that tied these gifted ones together to make more sense of the amount of gifts.  I would have like to have seen Cam put register a little bit more regarding the incident in the cave.  The gifts of the others took away from Jade a little bit and I didn’t particularly care for that.  Other than that, I found it to be a really great read.

I would not be afraid to recommend this book to any of my friends or to any of their children.

About the author: (from beccajcampbell.com)

An avid lover of stories that tiptoe the line between fantasy and reality (even when they plunge off one side or the other), Becca J. Campbell looks for new angles on bridging the gap between the two. She holds a special place in her heart for any story that involves superpowers or time travel. Her passion is defying the limits of her own creativity.

Becca’s journey into writing began as many of her other creative endeavors do – by daring herself to try something new. The question “what if I wrote a novel?” and some hastily scribbled notes on a church handout were the inspirations that jump-started her first book. Since then, she has written half a dozen additional novels and several shorter works.

As the wife of a musician and mother of three young boys, Becca’s life is never dull. Whether it is writing, painting or knitting, she enjoys making stuff that wasn’t there before.

I received an ARC of EMPATH in exchange for an honest review.


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