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A Knight of Passion

Author: Tarah Scott
Genre: Historical Erotica
Heat: 5
As whore for the Duchess of Arundel, Lady Riana Ellis keeps her sister safe from the
duke’s lascivious desires. Now the duchess demands that Riana murder the man
already sent to her bed.
Sir Bryant Cullen determines to have the duchess’ whore. Her land is a prize, but
it’s her secrets he wants. Once he knows what she knows, he will control the
powerful houses of Arundel. And she will be his.
Final Review
Certainly had that! And in droves. When Lady Rihanna first meets Sir Bryant it’s a
case of mistaken identity. She was forced into trying to kill a man in order to protect
her younger sister. The man was supposed to show up. Her Benefactress the
Duchess of Arundel was to watch and the devilish deed was to be done. Luckily for
the intended target, it wasn’t carried out and Bryant had an interesting time even if
there was unwanted company hidden away and watching everything unfold.

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