Shannon Delany Releases STORMBRINGER

January 14th, 2014 Books
Congratulations to Shannon Delany on the release of STORMBRINGER, the second book in her WEATHER WITCH series!
Shannon stopped by today to share with us a list of some of the creatures you will encounter in the WEATHER WITCH Series.  I know that I always appreciate a little more information and background on people, places, and things I may encounter in a book that may be a bit unfamiliar.  Thanks Shannon for stopping by and congrats on the release of STORMBRINGER!
Monsters in the Weather Witch Series
The second book in the steampunk young adult WEATHER WITCH series is STORMBRINGER (January 14, St. Martin’s Press). The WEATHER WITCH series is firmly fictitious but based in fact. The buildings, the general setting, the foods–even a few of the characters–are based on real, historic things and people.

But the Wildkin War that ravages the New World’s coasts? Firmly fiction. IF you believe the beasts of myth have only ever been myth. I tend to believe everything is based on some small seed of fact–even monsters.

In the world of Weather Witch, Stormbringer, and Thunderstruck there are monsters of both the human kind and the mythological variety. The mythological Wildkin that lead the war against humanity? They are the Merrow.

These aren’t your mama’s Merrow–these aren’t gentle, kind merpeople. These are vicious slinking killers with a taste for horseflesh and a desire for vengence. And they have their reasons for wanting mankind wiped out–reasons only fully revealed by the end of the series. Hey–life never just gives you the real answers up front and chances are good my books won’t either.

A few beasties that live in the Fringe in the world of Weather Witch?

Pooka–water-dwellers known for slipping from the waters, taking on the form of a horse and taking people for a ride (literally).

Gytrash–this is your Black Dog of legend and lore, your Padfoot, your large mysterious, slavering canine that appears on lonely dark roads and has a purpose only it knows.
Oisin–shapechangers who utilize a deerskin the same way Selkies wear and use a sealskin.

Wolfkin–shapechangers who shift between a wolf and human form.

Kumiho–shapechangers of Oriental origin that shift between fox and human form.

…and a variety of other lesser known legendary creatures including the Ale which Rowen and Ginger Jack encounter in a dramatic fashion in Stormbringer.

The world is deep and rich in Weather Witch and I invite you to dive in and explore!


    Hear Shannon read from Weather Witch: an Excerpt from Weather Witch:



Find Shannon online:

I am so happy for Shannon and the Weather Witch Series!  I hope you all take the time to pick up her books and wish her well.  She is such a talented lady and I am so happy to share this bit of her with you!


Cici ♥

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