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Immersed~Ripple Effect

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

  Immersed by Jennifer Griffith Lisette Pannebaker speaks five languages and has a brilliant business plan—personal language immersion. Clients can hire her to shadow them and speak all day in any language they need to learn for business or travel—whatever. But there’s a major hitch: she’s far too pretty. Clients with less than honorable intentions […]

The Dirty Book Murder

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

About The Dirty Book Murder: An Antiquarian Book Mystery Publisher: Alibi (May 6, 2014) Sold by: Random House LLC In this smart, fast-paced mystery debut, Thomas Shawver introduces a charming, unlikely hero from the rarefied world of antique books. Book merchant Michael Bevan arrives at the Kansas City auction house hoping to uncover some hidden literary gold. Though […]

ABEA’14 Day 3~Broadening Horizons and Shortening Stories

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

  Expanding Blogging Horizons  What do you think about when you think about going beyond blogging or expanding your horizons? Is it a redesign of your blog? Have you branched out into freelance writing or even published a novel of your very own? Or, have you moved into a different venue like podcasts or vlogging? […]

ABEA14 Day 2~Author Interaction/More Than Just Words

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Today is about author interaction / more than just words.  I love the opportunity to interact with authors a little bit more.  I have had many great moments with some really great authors. One author that I have really appreciated interacting with is Shannon Delany.    She has so many talents and is really down […]

Armchair BEA Introduction

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging? Where in the world are you blogging from? Hi all!  I am Colleen…or Cici…I have been blogging now for about 4 1/2 years.  I have branched out from books a little bit […]

Update On My Resolutions

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

If you recall my post a while back regarding some of my resolutions, I gave quite a list.  I thought I would post an update on my progress. Regarding my kids:  They are learning much about service.  I am proud to say, they are doing more without being told or reminded.  They are getting on […]

Goddess Born Book Blast

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 Goddess Born Pennsylvania, 1730 Selah Kilbrid keeps a dangerous secret: she has the power to heal. A direct descendent of the Celtic goddess Brigid, it’s Selah’s sacred duty to help those in need. But as the last of the Goddess Born living in the New World, she learned from an early age to […]

Book Reviewer Yellow Pages Book Blast $100 Giveaway

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Are you trying to promote your books? Are you a writer, publisher, or agent? Promote your book with this bestselling author’s reference, the Book Reviewer Yellow Pages. Make your book promotion easier, and get the publicity you need from book reviewers. Learn how and where to submit your book for review. There are hundreds of […]