ABEA14 Day 2~Author Interaction/More Than Just Words

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Today is about author interaction / more than just words.  I love the opportunity to interact with authors a little bit more.  I have had many great moments with some really great authors.

One author that I have really appreciated interacting with is Shannon Delany.    She has so many talents and is really down to earth.  She is incredible to interact with and I think of her as a virtual friend.  If you aren’t familiar with Shannon, please check her out on www.shannondelany.com, Twitter, and Facebook.

Another great author I enjoy interacting with is Brenda Novak.  She is another wonderfully talented author.  I hope you will take a minute to get familiar with her as well.  She can be found at www.brendanovak.com, Facebook, and Twitter.  She does wonderful things outside of just writing awesome books!

Regarding more than just words…I used to love comic books when I was a kid.  I hung out with a lot of the neighborhood boys, so they introduced me to comics.  For some reason, they really weren’t into playing Barbies, so if I wanted interaction, it was sports, comics, and dirt.  For some reason, I never really introduced my kids to comics.  I guess I feared they would think they would be too outdated.  I guess I should bring them back into my home and let them enjoy the fun of comics!

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  1. Chris Wolak -

    Sports, comics, and dirt sounds great to me! I was a total tomboy and a huge Sgt Rock and Spiderman fans. Yay to bringing comic books back into your home!

  2. Stephanie -

    Shannon Delaney is a new one for me. I will have to check her out. I have enjoyed Brenda Novak, although I have not interacted with her.

  3. Courtney @ Courtney Reads A Lot -

    I always wanted to be a big comic book nerd or to get into manga. Is that strange? haha I’ll have to check out these authors because I haven’t heard of them. Great post 😀

  4. Athira -

    I love it when I can tweet an author and then hear back right away! In the past, there wasn’t much you could do to talk to authors, but now, the options are endless!

  5. Skeeter Lee -

    Shannon Delaney is a new one for me too.

    I read a comic book for the first time in years last fall. I intend a few more this summer. The ABEA postings this week have been really helpful in providing suggestions.

    Enjoy your week of Armchair BEA!

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