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It’s that time of year again!  Thank you to Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer for hosting this fun hop!  I am giving away a fall holiday package of goodies with my favorite fall scent, Harvest (Yankee Candle), some yummy treats, a custom bookmark, and a copy of a Stephen King thriller to complete the package.  Just enter via the rafflecopter link for your chance to win!

*must be 13 years of age or older to enter.  Only open to United States residents.

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30 Responses to “Spooktacular Giveaway Hop”

  • kelly tupick [ 15Oct14]

    One of the scariest Halloween moments i have had we when i was a young girl, we had a sleepover on Halloween. My twin sister and I invited 4 or our friends over. We told scary stories late at night. We all stayed out in the camper. In the middle of the night, we got woken up to loud knocking all around the camper. We were all screaming and flipping out. It turned out to be my brother and other teen boys in the neighborhood. All my friends got scared and went home. My sister and i then slept back in the house.

  • Hannah [ 15Oct14]

    I don’t have one!:( Thanks for the giveaway tho:)

  • Cathy French [ 15Oct14]

    Scariest was when my roommate from about 20 years ago put fake plastic spiders under my door handles on my car. Freaked me the heck out.

  • kay [ 15Oct14]

    I have two moments actually, lol.
    I was so scared but I’m glad I can look back and laugh.

    I once went through a scary maze and there were different situations. The first was a funeral, then a grave yard, and the next a abandoned living room with Sadako. My friend eventually got to scared and we left. I just couldn’t take it!

    My second experience is when I went to a church. Yes, a church! It was an actual journey in the end times, and the new world order/mark of the beast. I didn’t expect for it to be so intense. . .

  • Mary Kirkland [ 16Oct14]

    Thanks for such a great giveaway. I was hoping someone along the hop would giveaway a candle. Candles are my obsession, I just love them so much. I also followed you on Google+

  • Joseph Hawkshaw [ 16Oct14]

    I am a paranormal investigator so i have some really good ones we have spirits visiting us at our home.

  • Cathy French [ 16Oct14]

    My scariest Halloween moment was when my boyfriend and I rented a nice cabin in the woods and we accidentally locked ourselves out and it was very late at night and very very dark. My boyfriend found an open window but instead of immediately getting me and telling me he instead started making that sound from Friday the 13th and I was so scared. Stupid, I know but it was really dark.

  • Anne [ 16Oct14]

    The scariest moment was when I realized I was getting too old to trick or treat.

  • vanessa vasquez [ 16Oct14]

    When my cousins, and sisters, and i got lost in a dark neighborhood when we were small…. that was so scary.

  • Jan Lee [ 16Oct14]

    Scariest Halloween moment for me was when I ran out of candy about a half hour into trick or treating lol :)

  • Beth W [ 17Oct14]

    My first Halloween in college, I went to a graveyard. I didn’t expect it to be open, but it was- and it was COLD. Like, bone-deep-chill, but only once we passed the gates into the graveyard. None of the three of us could shake the feeling of being watched, even though we were being quiet and respectful, so we didn’t stay long. It was pretty creepy, in an atmospheric way.

  • Cathy French [ 18Oct14]

    One of my scariest Halloween moments was going through an outdoor haunted house and maze, I was screaming the whole time.

  • Rachel Sanford [ 18Oct14]

    My scariest Halloween moment was when I was 6 or 7 years old. I know I was a pink fairy that year. My mom would wait on the drive way while I went and rang the door to trick-or-treat. I went up to one particular house and at the time I wasn’t in a group with other kids so I had to go up by myself. I rang the doorbell and I watched an “old” guy look out the window… looking back I know he was probably about college age. When the door opened a monster came out screaming at me. I ran all the way back to my mom screaming. The guy took his mask off laughing his butt off and gave me some candy. But I don’t like Halloween anymore because of that guy.

  • Juana Esparza [ 19Oct14]

    My scariest Halloween moment was when I was a kid and I saw what I thought was a monster. Of course it was a kid with a scary costume.

    jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

  • Tiana Senn [ 19Oct14]

    My scariest Halloween memory was when I was going up to a house that was all decked out. I was with my best friend and we were walking slowly up to the porch. There was someone sitting there holding a bowl of candy, we couldn’t tell if he was real or not. Other kids got candy out of the bowl, no problem, so I was getting ready to go. As soon as I do, the guy holding the candy pops up and growls! Scared me super bad, but in a fun Halloween way! :)

  • Lori Hopkins [ 20Oct14]

    When I was small my mom took me through a haunted house. I could not have been more than 4 yrs old, and I remember Frankenstein’s monster following us, and me trying to get away.

  • mona [ 20Oct14]

    One time I had a man chase me with a fake chainsaw on Halloween

  • Sarah M [ 21Oct14]

    I went through a haunted house (well, prison actually; Moundsville State Penitentiary in WV) that started by locking you in cells and having “prisoners” rattling their doors and yelling out, “Fresh meat!” Then it was more typical for a bit, but it was really disorienting in one area because they had strobe lights going and black vinyl over the walls. I don’t like the feeling of not knowing where my exit is, or at least being able to see the path in front of me.

  • Judy Cox [ 25Oct14]

    It would probably be the first time I ever went into a haunted house on Halloween. I do not like them and really won’t go back. I am such a scaredy cat!!!

  • Tori [ 25Oct14]

    Nothing scary really ever happens to me… but we went to a really cheesy haunted house once. :p

  • Anastasia Falling [ 26Oct14]

    Scariest thing to happen to me on Halloween is the year I took my little brothers and sister trick or treating. We went up to one house where the man who lived there YELLED at us and slammed the door in our faces. He must have thought that I was too old, but I had a lot of little kids with me!

  • Toni Porter [ 27Oct14]

    When I was 17, I went to my first haunted house. Actually, it was a series of large trailers, each with different themes and levels of scariness. The first was not scary at all, the second was mildly frightening (clowns!), and the third was somewhat scary and addressed a bunch of phobias. The fourth one, though, was terrifying. Amongst other things, there was a mad, cannibalistic butcher, waving around a (fake) cleaver. He saw me tucked behind my friend, and in front a stranger (whose girlfriend had bailed on him the trailer at the last moment), and asked me if I was scared.

    Now, me? I don’t scream if I’m scared. My eyes get buggy, and I go mute. So I nodded at the butcher, and he yelled, “THEN SCREAM!” as he slammed the cleaver about a foot in front of me.

    I’ve never gone back to another haunted house.

  • Elizabeth [ 28Oct14]

    One year when my siblings and friends and I were trick-or-treating together, my sister stepped on a broken bottle on the sidewalk and it went through her costume shoe and cut her foot. There was blood everywhere and she ended up in the emergency room for stitches. It’s not a spooky story, but it was frightening at the time!

  • Natasha [ 30Oct14]

    I don’t have one.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Happy Halloween!

  • Courtney [ 30Oct14]

    Being chased with a chainsaw when I was like 8!

  • Beverly Gordon [ 30Oct14]

    I went to one of them haunted mazes and the chainsaw guy yea i hate those things. Never again

  • Jamie [ 31Oct14]

    Scariest Halloween moment. Well since it didn;t say it had to be mine, I’ll tell you about one I caused.

    A friend and I were running a room in a Haunted House. Some teenage boys were walking through with their girlfriends being loud and obnoxious about how this wasn’t scary while the girls were shrieking. They were a few ‘rooms’ away from us so my friend and I hatched a plot to scare the boys. Did we ever! They yelled, and took off running, right through one of the “walls” (just black plastic)! Hilarious!

  • Lynn C [ 31Oct14]

    My scariest Halloween Moment was at Fright Nights at Six Flags over Mid-America when one of the sculptures I was looking at in line suddenly moved and yelled.

  • Susan Smith [ 31Oct14]

    When we were trick or treating we came to a house were a witch was standing. We thought it was fake and when I touched it she jumped up and really scared me.

  • Betsy P. [ 31Oct14]

    My scariest moment was when me and my sister and her friend went to universal studios and there was a haunted house and they wanted to go even though I told them that I am a major scaredy cat but they went in anyways and I had to tag along. Worst mistake ever it was really packed and people were shoving me and I got separated from them. I was so scared because I was by myself but kept on walking when monster popped out and I seriously almost peed myself after that I practically hung onto a random person I found there and hightailed it out of there. Seriously hate haunted houses.


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