Blood Soaked Ashes





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Eramane #2
Author: Frankie Ash
Release Date: January 21st, 2015


A legion from across the sea wants her dead.

The man she loves would die a thousand deaths to keep her alive.

The demon she fears would cover the lands in blood-soaked ashes to have her again.

Eramane is learning to accept her new life, a life that demands much from her. She is a Breather, and she has no idea how to be one. But when Eramane learns that a passage she opened between her world and the Reach cannot be closed, she will find herself on a treacherous journey searching for dangerous allies.

In the north are the Cloud Walkers; across the South Sea is a kingdom with a massive army. Both could end up destroying her and all that she loves, if the demon she thought was dead doesn’t do it first.


10’s List from Frankie Ash

10 best characteristics of an antagonist

  1. Motivated
  2. Relentless
  3. Intelligent
  4. Dedicated
  5. Manipulative
  6. Ambitious
  7. Hot
  8. Anchored
  9. Frightening
  10.  Vengeful



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My Thoughts:

To begin with, the title sold me.  I think that too often a title falls flat and doesn’t do the story any justice, not the case with BLOOD SOAKED ASHES.  The cover had the same effect.  I am usually pretty sold by a good cover, pathetic, I know.  I often will return to the cover to see if I think it matched the story well.  I really liked the clean look and color contrast of the cover.  Sometimes it can be too easy to get carried away or have a cover look like all the other books on the shelf, BLOOD SOAKED ASHES definitely stands out.

The story was very captivating.  I liked how the characters became very familiar, almost real.  It had a lot going on, but not to the point of confusion.  Rather, there was never a lull in the storyline and before I knew it, I was on the last page.  It is refreshing to have so much story packed into the pages without it going over the top and becoming inappropriate for all audiences.  This book could easily be recommended to the younger teens and is still enough to entertain the more mature reader.

I do believe that I will read again after I go back and read ERAMANE, the first book in the series.  I don’t often like to read books out of series, given that I haven’t read them one right after another, it was still a good read and did well on its own.  I think going back to ERAMANE will help clarify and questions I may have had with BLOOD SOAKED ASHES.


10653866_1539217159646977_2543125529611405524_nFrankie Ash lives in Northern Virginia. She is pursuing a master’s in English and wrote ERAMANE (Archway Publishing) and BLOOD SOAKED ASHES (both available online wherever books are sold.)

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