A little bit about me…well, I am a mom of three kids and a wife of nearly two decades, but somehow still try to claim I am in my 20’s.   I grew up in the midwest, left the midwest for the east coast and somehow ended up living in Oklahoma.  There is no ocean in Oklahoma, I am not quite sure how I ended up here.  I miss the ocean. 

Althouh I love, love, LOVE books and the written word, I do have some other interests.  I love music.  All kinds, even some rap!  I think I am pretty hip, my kids don’t, but they are too young to know any better.  I am sure that they would rather have a mom that listened to country music on WLS and not whatever was in the 20’s on XM radio!  I know that one day they will look back and remember my coolness.  The kid at PacSun thought I was the coolest mom he’d met, so I feel that just proves I am cool.

I am a huge fan of dumb comedies.  The Hangover is one of my new favorite movies.  I love movies that make me laugh over and over again.  I often find that I refer to a lot of lines in movies when I see someone or a situation that reminds me of a movie.  Unfortunately, or fortunately if you’re in for a good laugh daily, in America there is a lot of real-life dumb comedy.   I still firmly believe that Idiocracy is more like a premonition rather than just a B movie.  Either way, it is certainly always a good day to be laughing. 

I like to garden, even though I have a brown thumb.  I enjoy shopping, even though my husband wishes I didn’t. I like to bake, but don’t really like to cook.  I have coached a few of my kids teams and I enjoy being active in their various activities.  I am usually sitting at either a football practice, gymnastics practice, guitar lessons, dance, scouting activities or some other form of practice or rehearsal.

I don’t find myself to be too extraordinary.  I am actually less than ordinary.  I like to serve everything up with a side of sarcasm and humor.  It is how I manage to get through the trials of life.  If I offend, sorry.

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