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I am here to share with you a few of my resolutions for this new year!  What?  It is nearing the end of February?  I have decided that one of my resolutions is to stop with the labeling of myself as a procrastinator.  I know I am, I need not use it as an excuse.  I do some of my best work under pressure of a deadline.  It puts too much negative energy in my life to constantly remind myself that I am putting things off.

I must tell you, I have been making some of the same old resolutions year in and year out and one of my resolutions this year is to start fresh.  No more eat less, move more, find ways to make more money…blah, blah, blah.  This year I decided to be more goal oriented.  Name it and own it.  So, with the encouragement of myself, I am going to kick it in 2014!  Ready for the list??

Resolutions for Cici for 2014….

  • Motivate my kids to be better humans, whether through healthy habits, speaking more kindly, doing more good works, standing for something we are passionate about
  • Find a cause to get behind, my choice is to get involved with  I want to be a voice for public school choice.  I want to help each child succeed and allowing parents flexibility is a good start!
  • Get fit and healthy!  I eat too much and move too little, I skip meals and snack a wee bit much.  Thanks to Power Zone and the Blog Forward Challenge, I am getting off to a good start.  I am making some pretty decent choices and utilizing some of their great tips and bars to get me moving in the right direction!
  • Date my husband.  No, not go find a husband, but date the one I’ve got.  We’ve been married 22 years and we need to get back to dating!  Don’t worry, there will be a future blog post about that!
  • Plant AND care for a garden!  Part of my get fit and healthy and motivation for my kids!  I can’t wait to get it going!

Quite a list huh?  Yeah, I thought so too!  That’s ok, we are all works in progress and that is what resolutions are about.  Not to check what we failed at by December 31, but to track how far we have come.  I can tell you right now that I am off to a pretty decent start on all of these things.  They are all becoming part of my daily routine.  I invite you on this journey with me as I partner up with ZonePerfect for at least two of my resolutions!  During this challenge I will be given 3 challenges and ZonePerfect will be helping me connect with you for motivation!  We can look forward to some great giveaways, great tips and information, some opportunities for expert interviews, and much, much more!

I appreciate you all and the support you offer!  You all are great and I encourage you to join me as we make 2014 our greatest year yet!

To start your year off right with your family, take some time to look at these great tips to get you started and keep you going!



Cici ♥

*****DISCLAIMER*****Although I have entered the program and received complimentary product and ZonePerfect promotional items, I am free to comment about ZonePerfect in a positive, neutral or negative fashion.*****–Cici

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