Review Policy

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my review policy!  I appreciate your interest in my reading preferences!

What you can expect…

I love to read and share my opinions about books.  Whether I have loved them or whether I just couldn’t quite get into a story, I want to share my opinion.  I am not going to break down the book, piece by piece in a total literary analysis, I PROMISE!  I am purely interested in sharing my thoughts and feelings about each book.

My reviews are certainly more subjective than objective.  If you are interested in a more objective, analytical review, you probably want a different reviewer for your piece.  My reviews are my thoughts and feelings about a book.  There are many wonderful objective/analytical reviewers out there that I suggest you seek if that is the direction you are looking for.  If you would like an honest, subjective, personal review, then I am your gal!

I am not going to compromise my integrity, I am going to be honest.  I will review all the books that I read and that may mean that the review could be unfavorable.  My reviews will include a summary/description of the novel*, publication details, cover art, my personal opinion of the story and characters,  and a numbered rating recommendation.

*All summaries/descriptions are taken from,,, the jacket flap or the publishers website.

I am currently accepting books for review and review pitches.

Cici’s Theories is a book review blog that mainly focuses on Young Adult literature.  Genres that I prefer are:

  • romance
  • paranormal
  • contemporary fiction
  • suspense/thriller

Interviews/Guest posts

I would love to host author interviews and guest posts!  If you would like to do an author interview or guest post, and I am not familiar with your work, I will request a submission of your work to be able to preview, given ample time before questions are required to be submitted.


I LOVE giveaways and am happy to host them!  I believe that they do great things connecting authors with their readers as well as connecting bloggers to their readers!